McIntosh Bros Productions is an award-winning video production company in Atlanta, Georgia. Offering full-service video production, including directing, editing, camerawork, lighting, concept, and casting. McIntosh Bros provides high-quality and unique productions for each of their clients. McIntosh Bros are experts at crafting unique and expressive music videos. Having worked with both new and emerging artists as well as established ones, McIntosh Bros knows what all is required to help capture the image that they are striving to portray. Their hands on approach helps guide clients to explore the options that suit them best. McIntosh Bros has assisted countless clients in creating commercials that showcase their product and bolster their brand awareness. They know the main goal is to get their clients product portrayed in a manner that sets it apart from the rest of the market.










McIntosh Bros Production has worked with numerous name brands to help them establish and convey relevant and relatable content regarding their products. Brands such as Google, Coca-Cola, Doritos, Toyota, and many more have trusted this production team to help illustrate and capture their message. McIntosh Bros works closely with each client to determine what their product intentions are and who their target audience is and then works hard to achieve these goals and excel past their expectations.


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From its very beginning, McIntosh Bros Productions found its niche in event filming. From shooting celebrity parties, product launches, film premieres, and even music festivals, they have become masters at capturing and portraying these events in a sophisticated and elegant manner, without being invasive or distracting from the goal of the occasion. They have worked with diverse clients from Spotify to even the prestigious Harvard University to provide exceptional service and editing best suited for each client and event.

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Music videos

In 2017, Creative Loafing named McIntosh Bros Productions the ‘Best Indie Film Company in Atlanta.’ Since then, McIntosh Bros Productions has continued to prove to be the best company for up and coming artists. They work closely with each individual artist to help establish and form their own unique creative musical identity. Having worked with Grammy award winning artists such as Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight, Ludacris and Kendrick Lamar, this team knows how to deliver professional content for established artists as well. With three packages to choose from, they have something to satisfy every creative professionals needs.

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Feature FilmS

While McIntosh Bros Productions expertise lies in their detail oriented editing and phenomenal directing skills, they employ a team of highly skilled individuals to assist with every avenue of the filmmaking process. This includes lighting, casting, location scouting, camera operations etc. Whatever the project may be, they work closely with each client to help them fully realize and actualize their vision and do not stop until that has been achieved. As of 2020, they have completed five films with their work being featured on such platforms as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even syndicated television networks, such as ABC.

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I had an idea what I wanted to do for my music video in my head but had no way of being able to fully explain the idea. McIntosh Bros was so helpful with coming up with the ideas I had in my head and executing it beautifully. They helped a lot with collaborating and it was so well done. The lighting was great and I got back my edit fast.

Jessica Petersberg