Who we are.

McIntosh Bros was founded in 2011 by brothers Javier and Jabriel McIntosh. Once they teamed up, they quickly started winning awards for their editing and directing in the film festival circuit. They were even invited to Hollywood twice where they premiered films at Universal Studios Hollywood and 20th Century Fox. This would lead them to decide to focus all of their efforts on helping others reach their goals through video production. With each project, they strive to not only capture the talent’s specific brand but also think outside the box. This puts a unique stamp on every project they take on.

"McIntosh Bros believes in the power behind a great photo or video, which is why we strive to capture real moments that tell your personal story."

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Javier McIntosh

Director & Photographer 

Javier McIntosh is the elder and one part of the McIntosh Bros duo. After earning a bachelors degree in Business at Georgia State University, he chose to use his education in conjunction with his videography talents. He began his film career at one of Atlanta’s most successful photography and marketing boutiques. Within a year of working at the firm, he became the Director of Photography. Over the next few years, Javier took on more freelance cinematographer roles and covered entities such as The Atlanta Falcons, The Rolling Stones, Steve Harvey, and Flo Rida, etc. In 2011, Javier joined with his brother, Jabriel, to create their own production company, McIntosh Bros. After receiving many awards in the film festival circuit they expanded their professional field and in 2020 both assisted in the founding of Freeli TV, a linear streaming platform that highlights African American content and creators. When Javier is not working on his clients video projects and his own creative endeavors, he enjoys traveling the world and experiencing the different cultures it has to offer.

Jabriel McIntosh

Cinematographer & Editor 

The younger of the brothers, Jabriel McIntosh has dedicated his life to perfecting his craft of creating high quality visuals.  After graduating from Georgia State University with a bachelor’s in Marketing, Jabriel and Javier joined forces and created their company, McIntosh Bros. Through his skills and careful study he has traveled around the world and worked with countless businesses and high profile clients. From shooting Adidas commercials to touring around the nation with Kendrick Lamar, Jabriel has proved his cinematography and editing skills and attention to detail are invaluable assets to McIntosh Bros. When he is not working on creative projects, Jabriel loves cooking and is always learning new recipes and cuisines. He enjoys spending time with his friends and through them stays closely connected to the Atlanta music scene.


Creative Loafing 2018

Best Independent Film Company

Campus Movie Fest

Best Director, Best Editing, Best Actor


48 Hour Film Festival

Best Editing