Doritos Cavemen
McIntosh Bros Productions

Doritos Cavemen

Three cavemen are watching the game when they see a caveman walking on two legs. They start laughing and making fun of him. They stop when they hear the CRUNCH of his Doritos. When the steal the bag and take a bit they have no idea that this BOLD move will start the evolution of man-kind. CREW Executive Producer: Moez Vazir, Producer: Fredrick Nah, Phoenix4 Productions Writer/Director: Javier McIntosh Assistant Director: Jae Shawl 2nd Assistant Director: Walker Whited Director of Photography/ Camera: Josh Saideman 2nd AC: Anissa Matlock Production Managers: Kierra Norman, Sara Bess Norton BTS & Production Coordination: Brad Hester BTS & Sound: Donovan Jones Key Grip: Russell Bradford Key Wardrobe: Alan Johnson Wardrobe Assistance: Candacie Branch Key Hair: Jacquelyn Taylor Prosthetic Makeup: Lintu Boddie Assistant Makeup: Sheli Ethier Assistant Makeup: Tristen Wilburn & team Catering: Angela McIntosh, Momma Mac Catering Post Production Editing: Javier McIntosh Color Correction: Josh Spaideman CAST MAIN CAST Leader Caveman: Ty Lane Miller Sidekick Caveman: Danny Williams Average Caveman: Ottavio Lobefaro Two-Legs: Josh Harris Game Cavewomen: Maria Legarda SUPPORTING CAST Cavewomen Brunette A- Brittany Pickering Cavewomen Brunette B- Kellie Dammar- Wallace Boy Cavekid- Sunny Suljic Girl Cavekid- Azra Sullivan Website: Follow Me: Subscribe: SUBSCRIBE to this channel!!!! COMMENT this video. Like & Favorite this Video. Thank you for Watching