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Javier McIntosh

Director & Photographer 

Javier is currently a full time artist living in Cabbagetown, Atlanta. After graduating from Georgia State University with a Managerial Science degree, Javier decided to focus all of his efforts into videography and photography. Within a year he became Director of Photography for one of Atlanta's most successful photography and marketing boutiques. Over the past eight years he has covered entities such as The Atlanta Falcons, The Rolling Stones, Steve Harvey, and Flo Rida, just to name a few. Before joining with Jabriel McIntosh to create McIntosh Bros LLC, Javier was personally commissioned by Reebok, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Pattie Labelle, Cornell University and many more. He has recently just got off tour with Grammy Award Winning group Arrested Development. When Javier is not working on video projects, he is learning new techniques from friends and mentors such as Derek Blanks. In his spare time he volunteers with organizations such as Big Brother Big Sister, mentors his two younger brothers and spends time with his family. 

Jabriel McIntosh

Cinematographer & Editor 

For the past ten years Jabriel has dedicated his life to perfecting his craft of creating high quality visuals. Through his talents he has traveled around the world and worked with countless businesses and high profile clients. From shooting Adidas commercials to touring around the nation with Kendrick Lamar, his resume speaks for itself. He graduated from Georgia State University with a business degree in Marketing  and used this knowledge to build McIntosh Bros Productions.


Creative Loafing 2018

Best Independent Film Company

Campus Movie Fest

Best Director, Best Editing, Best Actor


48 Hour Film Festival

Best Editing